Louet Mobile Show Room

The Louet mobile showroom is a 5th wheel trailer with a garage that is outfitted as a showroom.   We are currently parked in Osooyus, BC (Sept 2020 - April 2021).   We have been sidelined since March due to the COVID pandemic.    If you are in the area, contact Pam and we’d be happy to do a private event - max 2 people.   Currently we have the Megado, Spring II, Jane 50, Erica 30, Victoria, S10C and Drum Carder with us.      We will have a David III in early 2021.

Its is our hope to be on the road again in late Summer 2021.    Below you can see our preliminary plan for 2021.    We are also able to schedule virtual events through Zoom.

The mobile showroom gives anyone interested in Spinning or Weaving, an opportunity to test drive Louet wheels and looms.  We do not sell, but can help you locate a retailer who can accommodate any purchases, no or in the future.  This method of offering testing capabilities in a mobile format has been very successful, until the pandemic hit.  Pam and Dave can’t wait to get back on the road to again meet so many weavers and spinners.


    2021 Schedule (Pending based on covid)

    July  - Quebec - Dorval guild
    August/Sept - Eastern Canada - Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick
    Sept - Maine / Pennsylvania
    October - Virginia / NC / SC
    November - GA / FL

    2022 schedule

    January - Alabama / Louisiana, Texas
    February - New Mexico / Arizona / Colorado Springs 
    March - California
    April - California / Nevada
    May - Oregon / Washington