Various weaving Accessories

flying dutchman shuttle

Louet’s unique boat shuttle.  Both pins and plastic bobbins will fit on this shuttle
The bow in the front allows for a better angle for yarn to unwind from your pin or bobbin.  The bow on top spreads any sticky warp threads as you throw your shuttle.
Item # WA0201  

Aid for sectional warping

Attachment to assist in sectional warping - Link to Sectional instructions which include Aid to Sectional warping 
Item # WA0282 

Bench tilting kit

This item converts the Delta, Megado or Octado bench to a tilting bench, allowing the seat to tilt from flat to an angle

Item # WA0139

Vertical warping mill

This warping mill can hold a warp of 20-40 yards, depends on warp and yarn thickness.  Rotates on a nylon bearing for smooth effortless rotation. Pegs are adjustable.  Aluminum vertical poles are painted so they are very smooth   Video demonstration 
Item # WA0188 


Louet’s warping posts are available lacquered and un-lacquered.  They clamp to a table and by varying the distance between the two sets of post, you can make larger or smaller warps.
See how they work here
Item # WA0189 (LACQUERED)  
Item # WA0301 (UN-LACQUERED)

Bobbin Rack

Used in sectional warping, our bobbin rack can hold 32 bobbins.  Rack includes bobbins.

Item # WA0190 

Loom Bench

Basic loom bench is recommended for our table looms, David and Spring.   Made of solid beech 

Item # WA0103

Megado/Delta Bench

Bench designed for the Megado and Delta looms.    This bench is height adjustable from 23.5” to 27.5” and made of natural hardwood Ash
Item # WA0138 

WARP tension regulator

Louet’s warp tension regulator clamps onto the back beam of any Louet loom.  Adjustable tension controls allow for good warp tension, regardless of yarn elasticity or texture.   There is an optional counter available in metric or imperial measurement. 
Item # WA0192

counter for warp tension regulator

Optional counter for the Louet warp tension regulator available in imperial or metric measurement. 

Item # WA0194  (imperial)

Items # WA0193 (metric)


Stainless steel reed hook with ruler
Red Texsolv plastic reed hook

White plastic reed hook

Item # WA0209 (Steel)

Item # WA0187 (Red)

Items # WA0208 (White)

Heddle hook

Long steel heddle hook with wooden handle
Item # WA0207 

Texsolv heddles

150mm heddles for Erica (red tie)
205mm heddles for Jane/Magic/Klik (black tie)

280mm heddles for David (white tie)

330mm heddles for Octado/Delta (yellow tie)

392mm heddles for Megado/Spring (light blue tie)

Item # WA0303
Item # WA0215

Item # WA0216

Itesm # WA0217

Texsolv spacer pegs

These spacers are placed in the loop of a piece of texsolv.   Each peg shortens the texsolv cord by 1mm.   The David and Megado looms use these spacers to adjust cord tension.   A pack has 50 pegs

Item # WA0222

Paper quill

Used with the Louet bobbin winder - quills for Louet shuttle.

Item # WA0205 (5”)

Item # WA0206 (6”)

Hand bobbin winder

Louet’ Hand bobbin winder clamps to a table.  The shaft is tapered to accommodate different size quills or bobbins
Item # WA0207 

Jane Carrying Bag

Heavy duty padded carrying bag with a large front pouch.    Strong zipper and carrying handles on top.   Shoulder strap also included.

Item # WA0106

2nd warpbeam

There is a second warpbeam available for all three sizes of Jane loom.  Warp beams can also be moved to the optional floor-stand to increase capacity, however the loom does not fold nor separate from the floor-stand when a warp is in place.

Item # WA0105 (J40)

Item # WA0352 (J50)

Item # WA0108 (J70)

Jane Floorstand

Optional floorstand for all three sizes of Jane loom.   Easily disassembles for simple storage or to take to a workshop. 

Item # WA0104 (J40)

Item # WA0351 (J50)

Item # WA0107 (J70)

erica floorstand

Erica floorstand kit includes parts for either 30cm or 50cm Erica loom. This stand can adjust in height and easily assembles/disassembles for weavers taking their Erica to workshops

Item # WA0304 

Swinging Beater Kit

Klik loom’s original versions had a loose beater and this upgrade kit gives you the swinging beater currently delivered with new Klik looms

Item # WA0106

Klik Extension

Klik looms are 4 harnesss looms that can be expanded to 16 shafts in increments of 4 shafts.   This kit is a 4 shaft extension.

Item # WA0100 

Kombo extension

This is a kit to expand a 4 shaft KOMBO loom to an 8 shaft KOMBO loom.   The KOMBO is the predecessor to the Jane loom and stopped being produced around 2005 

Item # WA0101 (K40)

Item # WA0102 (K 70)

Sectional kits

Sectional kits are available for David, Spring, Delta, Octado,Megado looms.  Louet’s sectional kits are wooden slats that attach to existing warp beams.  Clips are separated in 1 inch or 2 cm increments (can be ordered in imperial or metric).   Remove every other clip to have a 2” sectional warp kit.

Spring 2 / David 3 Loom Leg extension system

 An easy way to lift your loom approx 12@ off the floor so that you do not have to crawl on the floor to do tie ups!