Build Your S10

The S10 is the only wheel that can spin all types and methods - it can be modified to spin art yarn, fine yarn, silk or cashmere - adapt and modify the wheel as your spinning needs change.   The beauty of the S10 Concept is that you can start off with a trimmed down version and add components as you go.  Birthday gifts!   Christmas gifts! Lots of ways you can expand your S10 to give you all the the variations you may want or need.

This page has all the information for you to build your custom S10 wheel!  Begin scrolling down and selecting your treadle system, and then you’ll be taken through the options.  Your final parts list (for you to place your order at a dealer) and price will be shown at completion.   

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Do you want Single Treadles or Double Treadles.   This is a personal preference.   Some feel its just more balanced and natural to treadle with two feet.  That does drive the price up, so if you are looking for a tighter budget wheel, you can select single treadle (ST) and upgrade at  later down