S10 Concept

New, May 2022 - Flyer improvements S10C and S17

Louët wheels have been carefully engineered to be easy-to-use, durable, low- maintenance and practical. The S10, which was developed in the 1970’s, has been such a success that it is a classic among modern spinning wheels.

The first generation Louët spinning wheels, like the S10 and S17, all have a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate tension. This results in spinning wheels that are very easy to learn how to spin on,  the wheels are very suitable to spin thicker yarns, and VERY LOW MAINTENANCE. The bobbins have a sheave with three settings that can be used to obtain three spinning speeds or ratios. By using different types of bobbins and flyers, Louët spinning wheels can be used to produce every kind of yarn, from coarse wool to fine silks.

The new generation of Louët spinning wheels, like the Victoria, have Scotch tension: single belt, flyer drive with an adjustable bobbin brake to regulate the tension on the yarn that you are spinning. The standard ratios are higher than those of the first generation, which makes it easier to spin very fine yarns. When using the high-speed set the ratio increases even further.

 To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we have transformed the spinning wheel that all started with: the S10 Concept.The new S10 Concept spinning wheel makes it possible to customize your dream wheel. In case your dream changes in time, it will always be possible to order other parts.

You can choose between single and double treadle and the design of your main wheel. And you can also choose between Irish or Scotch tension or choose for both: if you like to spin with Scotch tension and ply with Irish tension, you will only need to exchange the mother of all with flyer and bobbin.

Adding flyers, bobbins and other accessories of your choice will make the S10 Concept spinning wheel your perfect wheel. In case you find it difficult to choose we also have composed several S10C package deals for you, including the S10C Fully loaded.

Irish tension flyers and bobbins

  • Flyer IrT regular - hooks, orifice: Ø13 mm (1/2″)

  • Flyer IrT regular - sliding guides, orifice: Ø13 mm (1/2″)

  • Flyer IrT high speed - sliding guides, orifice: Ø10 mm (6/16″)

  • Flyer IrT bulky - hooks, orifice: Ø13 mm (1/2″)

  • Flyer IrT art yarn - orifice: Ø20 mm (3/4″)

  • Bobbin IrT regular - ratios: 1:5.5 / 1:7.5 / 1:10.5, volume: 670 cm3 (42.4 cubic inch)

  • Bobbin IrT high speed - ratios: 1:6.5 / 1:9.5 / 1:15, volume: 580 cm3 (35.1 cubic inch)

  • Bobbin high speed fat core - ratios: 1:6.5 / 1:9.5 1:15, volume: 385 cm3 (23 cubic inch)

  • Bobbin IrT bulky/art yarn - ratios: 1:4 / 1:5 / 1:6, volume: 1240 cm3 (75.4 cubic inch)

Scotch tension flyers and bobbins

  • Flyer ScT regular - hooks, orifice: Ø12 & 8 mm (1/2″ & 5/16″), ratios: 1:6 / 1:8.5 / 1:12.5 / 1:19*

  • Flyer ScT regular - sliding guides, orifice: Ø12 &8 mm (1/2″ &5/16″), ratios: 1:6 / 1:8.5 / 1:12.5 / 1:19

  • Bobbin ScT regular - volume: 393 cm3 (25.1 cubic inch)

  • Bobbin ScT high speed - volume: 163 cm3 (9.4 cubic inch)

High speed set ScT, includes:

  • high speed flyer,

  • 3 high speed bobbins

  • threading hook

  • ScT - volume bobbin: 163 cm3 (9.4 cubic inch), orifice: Ø12, 8 & 5 mm (1/2”, 5/16” & 3/16”), extra ratio 1:27 (1:20 for Victoria S95) Lazy kates and other accessories

Other Accessories:

  • Twine rack - for all bobbins

  • Twine rack ScT - for ScT bobbins only

  • Block for twine rack

  • Stand-alone lazy kate - for all bobbins

  • Padded backpack S10C/S11

  • Skeinwinder stand-alone

  • Niddy-noddy 90 & 180 cm (1 & 2 yard) 

Victoria - Scotch tension wheels

The traveling wheel Victoria is available in lacquered beech (S95) and lacquered oak (S96). The folded size is 14 x 36 x 55 cm

(5 1/2” x 14 1/4” x 21 3/4”) which fits easily in the optional padded backpack. Three bobbins and a lazy kate for 2 bobbins (extendable to 3 bobbins) are included.

When you would like to have your Victoria complete with all accessories, you can order the S95 Fully loaded version.


  • Scotch tension (flyer lead)

  • Main wheel: Ø 36 cm (14 1/4′′)

  • Ratios: 1:6, 1:8.5, 1:13

  • Orifice: Ø 12 & 8 mm (1/2” & 5/16′′),

  • Height 59 cm (23 1/4′′) 

  • Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lb)


  • High-speed set with three high speed bobbins (extra ratio 1:20)

  • Third shaft to extend lazy kate for 3 bobbins

  • IrT/art yarn kit so you can use all S10C IrT

  • flyers and bobbins

  • Stand-alone lazy kate for all bobbins

  • Padded backpack

The S17 Wheel

The budget spinning wheel S17 is designed for the aspiring new spinner. To achieve cost savings it is unlacquered and mainly made from laminated birch. The wood is sanded and the edges are rounded, so it only requires a finishing with lacquer, stain or wax.

The wheel comes as a self-assembly kit with a lazy kate and three bobbins included. The technical specifications are the same as the IrT version of the S10 Concept, so any S10C flyers and bobbins will fit.


  • Irish Tension (bobbin lead)

  • Main wheel: Ø 50 cm (19 3/4′′)

  • Ratios: 1:5.5, 1:7.5, 1:10.5

  • Orifice: Ø 13 mm, height 70 cm (27 5/8′′) • Weight: 5 kg (11 lb)